FUNDA – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Your Questions Answered

  1. Do I need to supply a packed lunch?

    YES for Holiday Camps you will need to provide a healthy packed lunch, snack and a non-fizzy drink and refilled bottle. Please keep it healthy :)

  2. Do FUNDA accept child care vouchers?

    YES we are OFSTED registered, and accept most child care vouchers these must be arranged with head office.

  3. Can 4 year olds attend holiday camps?

    YES children aged 4 can attend our Holiday Camps, FUNDA also deliver Saturday Classes for children aged 2-11years.

  4. Can I use childcare vouchers to pay for your holiday camps and childcare?

    YES, FUNDA is OFSTED registered which means you can use any childcare voucher, please make sure you are registered with FUNDA first. Call our office for more info Tel: 01282 686 670

  5. Does FUNDA provide a PASSWORD child protection policy?

    YES, FUNDA provides this facility on the bottom of your holiday camp application form. Please note it's the guardian or carers responsibility to provide your secret password if any other person will be collecting your child after camp. If the person collecting your child does not have a PASSWORD our team will NOT release your child from camp without contacting home first.

  6. Does your team have incident forms and procedures?

    YES, FUNDA is OFSTED registered so just like a school we have to follow strict procedures. Our team has incident forms, risk assessments and other health and safety procedures.

  7. How will I know the theme days?

    FUNDA will send out email confirmation of theme days before your child's camp and also provide a list upon your arrival at camp.

  8. How do we get to the venue/ meeting point?

    Holiday Camp venues have suitable signage directing parents to the registration & deregistration point. In the unlikely event that this is not in place please contact FUNDA.

  9. Do I need to supply shin pads/ kit?

    For safety reasons it is compulsory for all attendees to wear shin pads for all activities which involves football, hockey or other contact sports. FUNDA reserves the right to refuse permission to participate for any child not wearing shin protection. All items are available at time of booking online.

  10. Is there any availability on a particular course?

    Our online search, booking & pay facility will not allow bookings on a course should it be fully subscribed. In some circumstances not all days during a course are full and we recommend that you try alternative days if your preferred date is full. We also recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment.

  11. Can I drop off my child any earlier than stated on a holiday course?

    Children can arrive 10 minutes prior to the event starting so parents can register, sign in your children

  12. Do you still deliver Saturday Morning Classes?

    YES, FUNDA delivers FUNDA Saturdays 9-10am at Burnley College, Term Time Only for children aged 2-5years only.

  13. Can my child attend if they have and disabilities or SEN’s?

    YES every child matters, we do accept children with disabilities and SEN needs. However, we ask that you contact our head office prior to making a booking in order to discuss your child’s specific needs. FUNDA will try and meet all needs where possible.

  14. My child is sick can your FUNDA mascot visit my child in hospital or at home?

    YES, our aim is to make a difference to children everyday, please call our office to book your special mascot visit. Tel: 01282 686 670

  15. Can I pay on the day?

    Payments on the day are accepted, however we recommend that you pay prior to the event as we cannot guarantee your child’s place if maximum numbers have already been achieved. You can book and pay online or over the phone.

  16. Should I provide a packed lunch when my child attends your holiday camps?

    YES, please provide a healthy packed lunch and refillable water bottle for your child's dinner times.

  17. Can I have a refund as my course was cancelled?

    NO, in the event of cancellation for any reason, a full refund will NOT be issued unforunatly to the person who booked.

  18. Does FUNDA charge a booking fee?

    Telephone bookings are FREE of charge. Fees can be applied on the day for certain services at the discretion of your FUNDA coordinator.

  19. Are all FUNDA staff DBS checked and cleared?

    YES all FUNDA staff are CRB/ DBS cleared, we are a registered umbrella for DBS enhanced checks and we are OFSTED registered.

  20. Are your holiday camps secure?

    YES, we choose state of the art venues, most are super schools and colleges with CCTV in operation as well as security gaurds etc.

  21. Do you deliver PE & Physical Activities from my child’s primary or nursery school?

    FUNDA deliver in over 51 North West primary schools, chances are that you will see FUNDA in your school, if NOT it's your duty to notify your school in return we will get your child ACTIVE and having fun in PE.

  22. What if someone else is collecting my child from FUNDA Holiday Camps?

    It's the parent/ adult responsible to allocate and notify our team who will then provide parents with a PRIVATE collection PASSWORD.

  23. Who is FUNDA, Where did it come from?

    FUNDA is the name of our organisation - FUNDA is the name of our child friendly mascot character, he also has lots of friends.

  24. Where do FUNDA deliver activities, classes or clubs for my children?

    FUNDA deliver quality assured services in; nursery/ primary schools, state of the heart venues or community schools - all registered with OFSTED - You can search for your nearest activity online.

  25. Where is the FUNDA office?

    FUNDA's offices is at Business First Centre, Empire Way, Burnley, BB12 6HH

  26. Does FUNDA HIRE Inflatables?

    YES, FUNDA has launched new inflatable hire called FUNDA Bounce - for school fairs only.

  27. What age can my children start FUNDA and get involved?

    Children can start at the age of 2 years - Only on our Saturday morning classes.

  28. Does FUNDA accept credit/ debit cards as methods of payment?

    YES, FUNDA accepts credit/ debit card as methods of payment and is secure through Sage Pay.

  29. What sports and physical activities can FUNDA deliver?

    Absolutly everything and anything, FUNDA try to be unique by delivering anything but sport and more so FUNDA games/ activities developing children's physical literacy - We aim to engage every child boys and girls.

  30. Who is the founder of FUNDA?

    Coach Kieran - The Expert Children's Coach, author and professional speaker.

  31. Does FUNDA partner with other organisations?

    YES, if your organisation shares our key values.

  32. What is the difference between PPA Time and FUNDA Teacher CPD Support?

    PPA time is replacing teachers, FUNDA CPD supports teachers in PE. However during PPA time we get children ACTIVE whilst supporting your schools TA's - This is an OFSTED requirement.

  33. Do primary teachers work alongside FUNDA coaches?

    YES, Teachers work as a team with your FUNDA coach, having fun, building confidence when delivering PE.

  34. How does FUNDA track Teacher CPD Support?

    FUNDA provide a RAG skills audit tracking your teachers progress.

  35. What if my school feels the school isn’t getting what they signed up for?

    You must contact FUNDA, our teacher and school coordinator will make sure everything is in place.

  36. Does FUNDA provide CPD teacher support workshops ?

    YES, creative FUNDA - PE & Physical Activity workshops using our latest resources and delivery approach.

  37. Can teachers during FUNDA PE CPD sessions do their own class marking instead of the PE support activities ?

    NO, schools are using funding to up-skill teachers this is the outcome.

  38. Do coaches deliver PE outside or stay inside?

    Both, we work as a team with teachers to be flexible, and listen, FUNDA believe children should be outside as much as possible.

  39. What if Teachers have some problems with my FUNDA programme?

    Contact FUNDA on 01282 686 670.

  40. How do you get the FUNDA services in my school?

    Contact FUNDA on 01282 686 670 - Arrange a PE Health Check Meeting For FREE we just want to help your school.

  41. Should their be female FUNDA coaches delivering on Holiday Camps?

    NO - it's not OFSTED requirement our FUNDA staff male or female are great role models and have all attended Level 2 Safeguarding.

  42. Are your FUNDA staff working towards afPE Level 2 & 3?

    YES - All FUNDA staff are working towards this and follow afPE safe practice when delivering in a school setting.

  43. What is your Holiday Camp children to staff ratio?

    OFSTED requirment for activity based childcare is 1 staff to 18 children.

  44. Does every child recieve a medal on Holiday Camps?

    YES, only if your child has attended all week, if not they will receive certificates and stickers.

  45. Does FUNDA deliver anything for Lunchtime Play?

    YES, a 2 hour workshop that supports lunchtime leaders and your welfare staff/ TA's, making lunchtime play sustainable the FUNDA way.

  46. Why should our school choose FUNDA as my preferred PE or PPA provider?

    Value for funding spent, FUNDA focus on physical literacy and NOT old fashioned SPORT, our staff support teachers and schools to meet OFSTED accountability measures, FUNDA deliver from a scheme of work and monitor pupil progression.

  47. Can FUNDA hire inflatables for our school fairs?

    YES, school fairs, fundraising or special events FUNDA provides fun quality assured inflatables to meet your school event needs.

  48. How many schools does FUNDA deliver PE or PPA in ?

    Currently deliver to 50+ primary schools across the North West, view our testimonials online.

  49. Can FUNDA use my school as a venue to deliver your Holiday Camps / Childcare?

    YES, we can in return this will generate your school income or FUNDA can provide our services in return - partnering with your school to get more children ACTIVE.

  50. I have a school cluster meeting coming up, can FUNDA attend?

    YES, our managers love meeting with NEW teachers and schools, we just want to add value and get more children ACTIVE - supporting teachers.

  51. FUNDA what is Physical Literacy ?

    Physical Literacy is NOT sport, it's basic movement, children getting ACTIVE through creative games, engaging the most inactive children to become active. Mastering basic movements to that children can perform in all kinds of activities when their older.

  52. Does FUNDA provide PRO CLUB links?

    YES, our team link our Saturday Classes to pro clubs, where now and then we might invite certain talent spotters.

  53. Does FUNDA partner with local athorities?

    YES, Bolton Council is the first, we are always happy to collaborate to get more children ACTIVE !

  54. FUNDA can my organisation sponsor you?

    YES, FUNDA has a list of 10,000 caring customers, we welcome sponsorship from blue chip brands.

  55. Do you send regular newsletters and SMS updates to parents?

    YES, FUNDA sends regular updates, make sure you sign up for our newsletter at the top right of our home page.

  56. Can parents help get FUNDA into my child's school?

    YES, your teachers have already been approached, but only the schools who want the best for their children use FUNDA. Get your child ACTIVE, tell your teachers to meet with FUNDA.