FUNDA Easter Holiday Camps & Childcare

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Enrich Your Child’s Life With Skills Needed For School, Home & Life

Hi there my name is Kieran and I’m the founder of FUNDA, I’m delighted to be a parent of my newborn son who is just a little baby and I love the challenge of being a parent.

Are you a parent, carer or guardian?

Do you have a child aged 4 to 14 years?

If so the reason I want to connect with you is to share with you, our multi-award winning and OFSTED registered holiday camps and childcare from as little as £60 for the full week.

Being a parent myself I know how important it is to give my child the best active start in life, preparing him now for school and for his future.

I also know that it’s so important to develop your child’s FUNDAmental Movement Skills such as: hopping, jumping, skipping, running, walking, and crawling.

It’s also so important to develop your child’s attitude, communication, social skills and confidence.

It’s also so really important to develop your child’s learning skills developing their mind to learn, whilst building learning power supporting the four R’s of learning such as Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Reciprocity, it’s a really hard word to say but these four learning skills are really important.

Today the government’s main agenda is to develop children’s health and well-being and more so your child’s mindset.

We achieve this on our FUNDA Holiday Camps and childcare by using our resources and games to support your child’s heart, body and mind.

I urge you as a loving parent, carer or guardian to learn more about our children’s holiday camps by clicking the link below.



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