FUNDA STORY Teaching Resource

Develop Reading & Literacy In P.E

FUNDA STORY resource and approach for EYFS and KS1 teachers and their pupils.

Inspire your pupils using FUNDA STORY a creative and fun resource and unique approach that will make P.E super easy for your early years and key stage 1 teachers. Our FUNDA STORY resource will support your pupils reading and literacy skills, develop physical movements and confidence before, during and after P.E.

FUNDA STORY Children Having Fun In P.E
FUNDA STORY will get your pupils ACTIVE, develop your pupils movement skills & physical literacy using creative physical activity games, as well as providing cross curricular links with; literacy/ reading, numeracy, physical, social and health education (PSHE) and many more subjects and topics. This resource meets the early years framework and primary school national curriculum outcomes and provides lots of fun classroom themes.

Inspire Your Primary School P.E FUNDA

Imagine delivering creative P.E indoors or out, your children are all inspired and fired up to take part in FUNDA games and activities that will develop their movement skills and physical literacy getting ACTIVE whilst taking reading and literacy outdoors. Approved by Ofsted and includes x25 delivery resource cards delivering outcomes such as:

  • Games & Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)
  • Dance & Movement Patterns
  • Team Games & Tactics
  • Handwriting/ Fine Motor Skills
  • Mathematics & Numbers


Physical Literacy FUNDA PE & School Sport

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