FUNDA £45,000 Grant Funding For Primary Schools

Friday, March 31st, 2017

We’re pleased to invite primary schools across the North West to apply for a share of over £45,000 worth of FUNDA Grant Funding as well as shared knowledge of our new FUNDA School Income Generation System to help support your schools budget and whilst boosting your pupils’ physical and emotional literacy, resilience, self-esteem and character development and critical skills.

From 2008, FUNDA has supported over 180,000 pupils and partnered with over 175 primary schools in the North West.

FUNDA now partners primary schools in the area through a variety of physical and emotional literacy programmes and offers that supports your teacher’s professional development whilst providing NEW schemes of work and resources to support your teacher’s confidence and delivery of Physical Education (PE) linked to the PE programme of study and the national curriculum.

Something completely different other than old fashioned school sport because years of research shows that sport does NOT engage every child.

FUNDA uses highly-skilled FUNDA Educators, committed to inspiring children using Physical Education, Activities, Outdoor Learning & Forestry skills to develop your pupil’s mind to learn, building learning power through the four Rs of learning these are:

  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reflectiveness
  • Reciprocity

Our new FUNDA Grant Funding will support primary schools across the North West for September 2017.

Our aim is to improve physical education, fitness, health and well-being whilst supporting your pupil’s behaviour within classrooms, reducing school exclusions and boosting attendance levels.

The work of our experienced FUNDA Educators also supports the latest school’s Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy.

We are helping further enhance other curriculum areas as well, including personal, social and health education (PSHE), British values, and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC).

The founder of FUNDA, Kieran Fletcher, Expert Children’s Coach, Professional Speaker and Children’s Author comments:

“We’ve launched this FUNDA Grant Funding opportunity to help primary schools within our community to flourish through our unique FUNDA programmes and approach delivered by our specially trained FUNDA Educators that will be fully equipped with FUNDA scheme of work, plans and resources that will engage your least inactive pupils to become active and better learners”.

Longshaw Infant School, Blackburn, has been using the services of a FUNDA since September 2008. The partnership was recently featured as a good practice in their latest OFSTED report resulting in their school sports premium funding as being well represented.

Any school interested in finding out more about FUNDA’s Grant Funding should contact FUNDA on 01282 686 670 or Contact Us



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