Activity Based Holiday Camps & Childcare

Our aim is to guarantee your child aged 3-11 years a massive amount of fun in a healthy sporty, physical and play themed environment where they will build confidence, learn new skills whilst meeting new friends.

FUNDA Community, North West, Burnley

Our OFSTED registered and award winning services include:

  • Children’s Holiday Camps & Childcare.
  • Primary School Physical Education (PE) & Teachers Professional Development.
  • Home Based Learning & Child Development Programmes, Resources & Approaches.
  • Primary School Inflatable Hire & Fundraising.

FUNDA Saturdays

Do you want to get your child active? Do you want your child to be happy, healthy & confident? Perhaps your child is spending far to much time sat playing inside playing computer games rather than playing outside with their friends. Maybe your child likes playing outside with their friends but you as a caring parent are so worried of the dangers outside can bring.

If that’s the case then take action and sign your child up to FUNDA where we can make a difference to you and your child everyday. How would it make you feel knowing that you have took action to give your child the ultimate active start in life.

Tel: 01282 686 670

20 Free FUNDA Physical Activity Games