Primary School PPA Time

Supporting Your Teaching Assistants

Set aside quality assured PPA time for your teachers by timetabling a FUNDA physical activity practitioner to allow your teachers to carry out planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) activities.

FUNDA STORY Children Having Fun In P.E

Relieve some of your teachers existing workload pressures by providing FUNDA physical education (PE) and fun, creative activities for your children during your school day. Our Ofsted registered FUNDA (PPA) time is cost effective to meet any primary school funding budgets and can be negotiated and tailored to meet your school needs, because here at FUNDA we know that every school is different.

FUNDA PE & Teacher CPD Support

1 in 4 pupils leaving primary school suffer from childhood obesity, FUNDA believe that schools can partner us by using their (PPA) time to tackle this problem. Why choose music or another related subject when you can get your children physical providing cross-curricular activities and primary outcomes.

FUNDA (PPA) time includes:

  • FUNDA Staff/ Practitioner
  • Teaching Assistant CPD Support *Optional
  • FUNDA Teaching Resources
  • FUNDA STORY Developing Reading & Literacy Through P.E
  • P.E Scheme of Work
  • Planning, Assessment & Pupil Progress
  • Impact Report & Measured Outcomes
  • Breakfast, Lunchtime & After School Club *Full Day Package Only

FUNDA STORY - Get Your FREE Sample Primary Teaching Resource

So now you can use your (PPA) time to get your pupils active, up-skill your teaching assistants whilst providing a quality assured educational experience engaging every pupil in your school.