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FUNDA’s Primary School Physical Education (P.E) & Physical Activity Programme – supporting teachers and inspiring children to get active whilst developing movement skills and supporting physical literacy.

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1 in 4 children leaving primary school suffer from childhood obesity In the UK, today’s primary school children are the first generation in history with a shorter life expectancy than their parents. In fact, physical activity is responsible for the same number of premature deaths as tobacco – sitting is the new smoking.

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These facts are so shocking, FUNDA is so confused why the NHS – Doctors Commissioning Group or some Primary Schools are NOT playing their part to tackle such circumstances. There is no other way to say it – we are suffering from an inactivity crisis – we must act now to stop the world from slowing down.

In order to succeed, we need to connect with children at the place where they spend the most time learning the physical, social and cognitive skills that set them up for life.

FUNDA PE & Teacher CPD Support

FUNDA believes this starts at primary school and we certainly start in primary schools working alongside teachers and NOT replacing them to develop teachers confidence when delivering PE as well as making P.E and FUNDA Physical Activity sustainable throughout the whole school day. FUNDA believe children should take part in a minimum of 5 hours quality assured PE and Physical Activity/ Games during a school week.

A collaboration aimed at bringing the best teachers and physical activity coaches together to find new ways to encourage children across the North West, UK to become more active, whilst up-skilling and supporting teachers in P.E and Physical Activity.

FUNDA Teacher CPD In PE and Physical Literacy

Since then FUNDA and our team have been successfully working in schools to create inclusive opportunities for young children to get active, the result of which has already generated considerable improvements in their levels of activity and body confidence. But we soon realised that in order to make the biggest possible difference – meaningful, long-lasting change – we would need to reset our focus on educating & supporting primary school teachers.

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FUNDA believe that primary school teachers are the gatekeepers to this life-changing mind-set, and we believe that education and physical activity play is the vehicle and future through which we create it. FUNDA resources and our approach certainly does develop children’s physical literacy and teachers confidence when delivering P.E.

Take a look at this recent FUNDA primary school case study

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When we launched FUNDA and all our programmes we started a movement. We invited organisations, teachers and individuals from all three sectors to get involved because we know that inactivity is a compound issue found in all walks of life. Underpinning it all is a shared commitment to changing the very nature of physical education so that it is inclusive, aspirational, relevant and progressive.

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Together we launched our primary school programme, which was followed by the biggest ever Physical Activity Summer Camps getting the most inactive children active reaching a capacity of 35,000 children every week. Partnering with 50+ primary schools, 300 teachers here in the North West, UK making a difference everyday.

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Our FUNDA team of physical activity practitioners challenged teachers to rethink the way they teach PE, bringing together FUNDA expertise driving physical literacy and movement skills as being the main outcomes.

Here is what services FUNDA has to offer your primary school:

  • Physical Education (P.E) & Teacher CPD
  • PPA Time & Teaching Assistant CPD
  • Creative Teacher CPD Workshops
  • Physical Activity Teaching Resources
  • Inflatable Hire For School Fairs

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