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FUNDA Zone Online Access For Teachers

FUNDA Zone Online Access For Teachers

Product Description

For key stage 1 primary school teachers.

FUNDA ZONE is your interactive access on the go resource bank. Providing teachers worldwide with all the support, videos, audio and extra content that supports your physical education (PE) and your purchased FUNDA resources.

Access FUNDA ZONE on the go, anywhere, saving your teachers time and your school money.

Access FUNDA resources and approaches with the click of a button. Inspire your pupils and support your teachers and pupils by accessing FUNDA ZONE online which includes:

  • award winning professional development teacher workshops and online solutions.
  • hundreds of professional FUNDA support material.
  • how to videos for your teachers.
  • hundreds of resource cards and lesson plans for your PE and FUNDA STORY lessons.
  • classroom activities to theme up your PE and FUNDA lessons.
  • schemes to build your pupils learning power and the mind to learn.
  • audio and music all in one place, easy to access.
  • themed role play props and cut out sheets.
  • develop gross and fine motor skills.
  • develop your pupils mind to learn, building learning power.
  • engage every pupil in your class.
  • Termly updates and online professional FUNDA support.

Take your pupils on a magical, physical FUNDA journey.

Payment Terms: Schools pays per working term only. *38 academic weeks of your school year. FUNDA will communicate, set up your account and can invoice your school.

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