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Lunchtime Leaders Resource Book For Schools

Lunchtime Leaders Resource Book For Schools

Product Description

This Lunchtime Leaders & Active Playtimes Resource Book has been designed for midday supervisors, teaching assistants and your pupils.

Many schools now use this resource and simplistic approach to make their lunchtimes and playtimes more physical and structured for all.

What’s included:

  • 70 FUNDA physical games for your school staff or pupils to deliver at lunchtime.
  • How to set up / organise your lunchtime play.
  • FUNDA tips for sustainable success.
  • How to structure your playground to engage every pupil.
  • How to design your display board for OFSTED approval.
  • Wet play ideas for teachers and your pupils.
  • Toilet passes for your pupils to use.

It’s time to make your lunchtime play and playtimes active and sustainable the FUNDA way.

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