PE INSET, Just What Our School Needed!

“The Inset training provided by Funda was just what was needed to drive forward PE at Audley Infant School, particularly at this time of change.

Teachers at Audley range in experience, expertise and confidence when delivering the PE scheme of work. Coach Kieran brought the staff together and expertly led them towards a shared goal and understanding. We now have a scheme that all agree on. Planning is developed alongside an expert coach.

Training needs were identified in this session. Staff know the structure of support that is available to them personally. This is confidential to teachers and coach.  More importantly they know from this training session that this support is on-going for them.

Teachers are optimistic about their abilities to teach quality PE sessions. The whole experience is expertly managed by FUNDA. Great thought has been put into designing a quality INSET experience for staff.”

Best Wishes (Helen Nelson – Head Teacher)



Helen Nelson, Audley Infant School