FUNDA Lunchtime Leaders Feedback Moor Nook School


I’m forwarding a feedback response that I sent to Phil after he had delivered the excellent Play Leader training earlier this month. The children are doing really well, and working together as a whole team, supporting each other even when it is not their day on duty. I feel this has had a big impact on the engagement and behaviour of the children on the yard at lunchtimes, as their enthusiasm is definately catching!

As I said in my earlier email, Phil really helped to ignite that spark in the children through the excellent training that he provided, and the staff now have a good understanding of the role of the Play Leader, and how the staff and children can support each other to maximise the time spent on the yard.

Thank you for your support in getting this up and running again at Moor Nook, you have created a fantastic and effective resource, and due to the super training and friendly and motivating staff, it is easy and fun to implement!

Keep up the good work!

Wendy Wilson

Learning Mentor

Moor Nook Primary School